Sunday, June 28, 2009

River's Bend

Tim and "Peter", the owners' lab...he spent all day with us on Thursday. He walked the trails, swam after us in the river...then would ditch us for the next set of people he found!

A view down the was low but the canoes were still able to go over *most* of it. We hit rocks because I was supposed to be watching for them but mostly looked for fishies.

A "donut" or "bagel" we found, made of swirling river foam!

The view from the deck...tall, straight hickory trees...and you can see the jacuzzi just inside the window too. This IS camping at it's best!

Peter was very into sticks...but seemed to also fancy rocks! He would plunge his head in the river and pull out the exact rock that you threw for him. Then he would drop it on the shore and "pounce" on it with his front paws and bark. His bark was SO LOUD echoing down the river...that in that silence, I thought that they would hear him barking and come to "rescue" us as if it were an episode of Lassie..."Kimmy and Timmy tipped the canoe and fell in the river...come help them!" Peter was awesome, until he jumped INTO the canoe and would not get out!

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  1. How wonderful that you were able to take time away together! It looks like a beautiful place to enjoy some R&R with each other. Love you two. Auntie Barb