Friday, June 5, 2009

Going on Retreat...

Saturday, I'll be hitting the road for Phoenix AZ for a retreat...and *vacationing* along the way. It's no surprise to me how it all fell in place...but it's notable enough to mention. Most know my obsession with the desert, Arizona more precisely...and how I've been wanting to "run away" as I call it, to the desert.

On Sunday, Tim says..."You should go on a retreat". We looked them up, and they were either NOW...or much later, and all very far away. The next day, I wasn't going to stop at the Filling Station for coffee...but as I got nearer to Cherry St. my hands turned the steering wheel to the north and there I was! Of all people, I run into my godmother and she says, "Want to go on retreat with me in Arizona?!" If a sign could jump up and smack me on the forehead and say, "Here I am, pay attention!" was this one.

It happened so fast, it's definitely Madeleine style, don't ya think?! The Peanut does NOT mess around. So, off to the desert I go for an Ignatian retreat...and, after the normal scenic penance which I always must endure to pass into the arid lands of cacti and Arizona I will be.

I was in a used clothing store in Lawrence a few days back and heard a few girls discussing a road trip and one was complaining about how horrible it is to drive through the desert. "If I have to see one more mile of sand, I'm gonna die!!!" she whined. P'shaw! Raspberries to her, the desert is dry, quiet, lacks strip malls and refuses to sustain or entertain modern human requirements...what's not to love?!

Although I am happy to be going to Arizona, I would trade never seeing the desert again in my life to be holding my sweet Peanut right now. But alas, that's not the plan...

See you in a week.


  1. Definitely another Madeleine miracle. Wow.

  2. I'm wishing you a wonderful retreat....what a great place to go for one. Madeleine Rose is with you, I'm sure and blessing you as you move through this.

  3. Hi Kim:
    I pray that you have joyous, peaceful, and safe travels!

  4. Kim, you and Tim continue to be in my prayers, and I have prayed many times to Madeleine already. I hope you draw peace and strength from the retreat and look forward to seeing you when you get back to KC. Love you, Aunt Barbara