Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This picture sums up my trip to Arizona...c'est la vie?! Arrived back in the land of humidity around 9 pm last night...it was a lonnnng *ride* home, so long in fact, that I almost kissed the ground as soon as I jumped out of the car! Thankfully, I had a wonderful welcoming committee ready to dole out hugs as soon as I got there.

The details of the *ride* there and back are quite inconsequential, but the retreat was a great experience. The silence was a favorite part of mine...it really does make you realize that 99% of the time, there really isn't anything that is worthwhile to say! Of course, the first place I had the unfortunate "honor" to end up at was Wal-mart...it was as if someone put a large soup pot over my head and hit it with a metal spoon...


  1. Kim, glad the retreat was a great experience. And it was fun to be part of the hug committee when you got home! Love you, Aunt BSue

  2. so glad you were refreshed! soooo glad you are home! :) love you, cat