Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feeding Frogs

Watch at 0:18 for the flipping of his feet (getting ready to pounce), he's quick!
Hopper is at the far left of the screen on the moss.
This is the swampy frog pond in the nature preserve at 47th and Troost! Yes...there's a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a check cashing place just a block from this. We caught about 20 large grasshoppers in our backyard and took them to feed the frogs. All the grasshoppers are named "Dennis"...as in "Hopper". The road has come to an end for this Easy Hopper!

The hopper drops in between, they both miss it as they BONK heads!
(no frogs were injured in the making of this video ;)

There are a lot of frogs in this pond...and not many bugs! We have more mosquitoes in our backyard...I didn't see ONE in this nature preserve. There's high competition for a Dennis landing in this bog. I doubt many huge hoppers hop into these frog's lives on a daily basis. Here, two frogs have it out for this Dennis...he never knew how much he was loved...

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