Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Growing Things...

Bees, enjoying our zinnias...

Tim is very excited about his gnarly tomatoes! He has 4 plants that have at least a dozen or more tomatoes each on them. We've been paying $4 a Lb. at the farmer's market...so we'll be thrilled when these babies ripen up! Tim says, "Hey...that's a $2 tomato right there!"

The gnarliest of them all...

Jimmy Nardello peppers...these are dragging the ground, as you can see...they will ripen to a gorgeous red color before they are ready to chop up into salads...they'll be sweet, unlike the lettuce I planted... (no photo available!)


  1. Beautiful photos! And love the gnarly homegrown tomatoes! Auntie B

  2. i love that pic of tim! :)